248-766-9568 curt@crpsalesinc.com


Components & Hardware

Acme Window and Door Hardware, LLC
777 Schwab Road, Unit J,
Hatfield, PA 19440, United States
Phone: 267-649-7799
Casement Hardware

Century Hardware
5700 3rd Ave. Sth
Seattle, WA 98109
Ph: 253-318-7318
Sliding Doors Kits, Door Handles, Door Components, Self-Locks and Cam Locks

CRP PTFE Vinyl Welding Paper
5481 Split Rail Drive
Brighton, MI 48114
Ph. 810-225-9066
PTFE Welding Paper for Vinyl Window Welders

The Dow Chemical Company
2200 West Salzburg Road
Midland, MI 48686
Ph. 800-248-2481
Fax. 989-496-8539
Silicone Sealants for Insulated Glass, Backbedding, Installation & Glass Block View Video

Fiberlink Inc.
55 Valleywood Drive (Woodbine Ave/ North of Hwy 7 E.)
Markham, ONT L3R 5L9 Canada
Ph. 906-475-2300
Fax. 905-475-2303
Fiberglass Screen Mesh

IGK North America
321 North Clark Street Suite 1425 Chicago, IL
Ph: 872-813-0215
I.G. Sealants: P.I.B., Hot Melt, Polysulfide & Polyurethane

R. L. Wurz Company
13320 Enterprise Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44135
Ph. 216-267-1550
Fax. 216-267-0856
Distributor of Construction & Restoration Products
  • Sealants
  • Waterproofing
  • Architectural Panels
  • Supplies

Ramapo Sales
4760 Goer Drive Unit F
North Charleston, NC 29406
Ph. 800-866-9173
Complete Source of IG Supplies Including Spacer, Muntin Bar, Desiccant and Sealants

 Ultrafab Inc.
 1050 Hook Road
Farmington, NY 14425
Premier Weatherstripping Pile and Extruded Sealing Solutions



Ultra-Pak, Inc.
49 Newbold Road
Fairless Hills, PA 19030
Ph. 888-208-2255
Fax. 215-295-4494
www.ultra-pak.netPackaging Equipment, Stretch Wrap, Strapping, Packaging Tapes, Window Protective Films

Equipment & Machinery

CRP Machinery
5481 Split Rail Drive
Brighton, MI 48114
Ph. 248-766-9568

Insulated Glass Fabricating Machinery used by the Window, Door & Insulated Glass Industries

– 8″ Blade Saw (Flat Cut or Miter)
– Argon Spacer Punches for Gas Filling
– Automated Muntin Notcher
Colonial Muntin Notcher
– Contour Muntin Fishmouth Machines
– Diamond Muntin Saw
– Diamond Notcher
– Gas Filling Plugs & Sleeves
– Gauge Bars (Tape Measure or Digital Readout)
– Multi-Head Colonial Muntin Notcher – From two to six heads available
– Palm Button or Foot Pedal Actuated
Radius Muntin Benders
– Radius Muntin Design Tables
– Radius Muntin Keeper Bar Punches
– Radius Muntin Notchers (Palm or Foot Pedal Operated)
– Spacer/Muntin Bar Keeper Punch (Radius or Colonial)

Other Supportive Products

– Capillary/Breather Tubes
– Finished I.G. Racks
– Harp Racks
– Infrared Emitter Bulbs
– Lubricating Oils for Glass Cutting & Grid Fabrication Machinery
– Replacement Parts for existing Grid Fabrication Machinery in the field
– Rjukan Metall Automated Space Frame Benders (Technical Service, Spare Parts, P.I.B. Slugs, etc.)
– TigerStop Positioners
– XY Backbedding Glazing Tables (Automated and Hand Assist)

Daring Company, LLC
180 B Engelwood Drive
Orion, MI 48359
Attn: Larry Soutar

Ph. 248-340-0741
Fax. 248-340-0753
Automated and Hand Assist Backbedding Glazing Tables

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Drop in Glazing Feature
XY Glazing with Drop in Glazing

Forel North America
1819 Buerkle Road, St. Paul, MN 55110
Automated  I.G., Laminating Lines, Edge Processing, Sorting
Systems, Vertical Cutting & Storage
Phone: 248-766-9568

Coupling Press with Gas Fill:  https://vimeo.com/297690276

Flexible Spacer Applicator:  https://vimeo.com/374623899

All Forel Videos on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/forel

26720 Jefferson Court
Cleveland, Ohio 44140
Ph. 440-899-5658
Fax. 440-899-5661
Lineal Positioners

Wakefield Equipment
26720 Jefferson Court
Cleveland, Ohio 44140
Ph. 440-899-5658
Fax. 440-899-5661
Glass Handling Equipment, Lineal Positioners, Window Assembly Systems, Stretch Wrap Machines, Saws & Cutters, Extruison & Windows Carts and Screen Tables.